SDM-PHARMA Ltd started its operations in Ukraine on March 2006. The company was founded by professionals with 15 years experience in International pharmaceutical companies.

The principle aim of the company is to give high quality products to the market and manage a team of professional staff in the company. This strategy has given the company fast and sustainable growth in the Ukrainian Health care market.

In the short period of existence in the Health & Beauty care industry we proved our stability and sustainability. The main secret of it is the ability to make right decisions, achieve the goals which were set and the most important – to satisfy our consumer’s needs.

As a Marketing and Distributing company in the DermatoCosmetic segment we started our operations in Ukraine with the World renounced brand “URIAGE” in 2006. Today we are representing 7 European Brands. We have selected them on their basis of specificity and excellence in Quality, Naturalistic and proven Efficacy.

Our 2 Main Activities:
1. Marketing & Distribution of DERMATO COSMETIC Brands
• we do the full Marketing and distribution only on Exclusive basis
• we sell the products only in the PHARMACIES and COSMETIC SALONS